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Αναρτήθηκε: 14 Οκτωβρίου Introduction I have been playing Runescape for a total of This game is really enjoyable and has so much to offer!

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Now lets get on with the review. Runescape is a game made by the company Jagex. Runescape has been around since That version is now called Runescape Classic. That version is not available anymore. Runescape can be played in two versions, Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape. I will introduce OSRS in this review aswell. Both games have a very stable and high player base.

This version of the game is Runescape 3. I personally play both games because they are very different from each other and offer different content such as bosses and raids. Both games are really enjoyable. This review is made about Runescape 3. The combat style is based around abilities.

The combat style is more like the combat style other MMO games use.

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In my opinion this version of the game is more beginner friendly. This is because of the new ability combat system. RS3 also has microtransactions. More about that later in the review.

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In Jagex added the legacy version of the game called Old School Runescape. This was made from a backup from This version of the game is very nostalgic for most people.


A very big difference from RS3 is the combat system. The combat system does not have any abilities. You click on a enemy and your character will attack. You do not have to use any abilities.

Tzortzio wrote a review Jun Thessaloniki, Greece4 contributions Sweet escape I stayed from Friday till Sunday in order to escape from life in town. The owners are friendly, the rooms clean and the sea only a couple of meters away.

Some weapons do have a special attack. OSRS has bonds aswell, you can only exchange them for membership. They can be bought for real money or for in game money from other players.

Membership Runescape is free to play, but if you want to unlock all content you need tea life slimming tea reviews get yourself membership.

You can also obtain membership by buying a bond with in game money. More about bonds in the section below.

Θα βοηθήσω τις γραμμές αναζήτησής σας να χάσουν βάρος ρουτίνα καύσης λίπους στην κοιλιά

Bonds You can buy bonds for real money or for in game money. You can exchange these bonds for membership This means you can have membership and all content unlocked without paying real money and for example runecoins.

Runecoins can be spend in the 'solomon store'. You can buy cosmetics, bank slots, pets etc. I do not consider this shop pay to win. The only real functional things are bank slots and legendary pets. Legendary pets can have 3 abilities.

θέλουν να χάσουν βάρος πιο γρήγορα τρώτε στρατηγικές απώλειας βάρους

For example picking items up when defeating monsters. These pets are not OP, the abilities have cooldowns. Which means if you kill monsters not every item will end up in your inventory.

Skills Runescape has 28 different skills at the moment. These skills can be leveled seperately. The maximum experience in a skill is m.

By obtaining this you lock yourself in on a spot in the hiscores for that skill. When you reach level 99 in a skill you can obtain a 'Cape of accomplishment'. When you get to level you can obtain a 'Master cape of accomplishment'. You also have a 'Combat level' this level gets higher when you level your combat skills for example magic, range, prayer and summoning. Combat Styles Runescape does not let you choose a class when tea life slimming tea reviews your account like most games in the genre.


In runescape there are multiple combat styles. First you have melee, with this combat style you are close tea life slimming tea reviews the enemy and fighting with your sword,hammer or maul for example. Second combat style is magic.

ανδρική απώλεια βάρους πώς να αυξήσετε την αντοχή στο σπίτι

With this combat style you can be further away from the enemy and you will be casting spells with your wand or staff. The third combat style is ranged. With this combat style you can also be further away from your enemy. You will be shooting arrows with your bow or throwing knifes or axes. The monsters in Runescape have different weaknesses.

πόσο γρήγορα να κάψετε το λίπος της κοιλιάς συμβουλές για να χάσετε βάρος στην εφηβεία

All combat styles are based around abilities that you can use. The higher the lvl the more abilities μανιτάρια σε διασπασμένη δίαιτα can use.

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Quests The quests in Runescape are very συνταγή αδυνατίσματος ρίνα from other games in the genre. In runescape this is not the case. The quests in Runescape tell a story. You have to do very different things through the whole quest. You also get quest points and other rewards for completing quests. Lots of quests have very good rewards and they are amazing to do if you just start.

If you complete all quests you can obtain a 'Quest cape'.

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Σκίουρος αδυνατίσματος this gamemode you are not able to trade with other people. This means an ironman has to be self sufficient. Need a certain weapon? Make it or kill monsters for it.

Personally i really like this gamemode and i would only recommend this gamemode for people who are already familair with Runescape. The only difference is that you start with only 1 life. There are also some places where if you die it will be considered as a 'safe death' this means you wont lose your hardcore status.

σκίουρος αδυνατίσματος Είμαι 50 χρονών και πρέπει να χάσω βάρος

In my opinion it isn't really pay to win. You can PVP in the wilderness but this is combat based. The deeper you go into the wilderness the bigger the combat bracket gets of people who you can attack or get attacked by.

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With MTX tea life slimming tea reviews can go up in the hiscores pretty quickly. If you don't really care about hiscores there is nothing to worry about.