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With a great level of uncertainty regarding the roots, distribution, prevention, and effects of the pandemic, and with scientific insights and recommendations changing on a daily basis, politicians face the difficult task of reacting quickly but justifiably to the developments.

Neo-institutional perspectives of policy research can contribute to the understanding of similarities and differences ιδανική λεπτή τιμή φαρμακείου strategies to deal with the pandemic by focusing on the interrelationship of institutions and the policy process.

A comparison of France and Germany highlights the effects of different patterns of democracy. In what way does the national institutional setting, particularly federalism and centralization, contribute to decision-making? How are political decisions instrumentalized in public debates?

The findings indicate that the different patterns of democracy in France unitary majoritarian system and Germany federal consensus system provide distinctive challenges and make it difficult to transfer successful policies from one country to another.

With some 67 and 83 million inhabitants respectively, France and Germany are of a similar size and are both located in continental Europe.

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Both countries used some strategies and policy tools similarly, but they differed substantially in other aspects of their reaction to the pandemic. What explains these similarities and differences in crisis policies?

Accordingly, the following section discusses theoretical expectations regarding federalism, veto players and other institutional and political differences. The third section analyses the preliminary phase of the pandemic policy encompassing the preparation before the first cases were registered. The fifth section analyses the links between policy processes δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί the political game, contrasting the high level of public trust in the German government with the high level of blame concentrated on the French executive.

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The conclusion deals with a systematic comparison of challenges that different democracies face in pandemic policymaking. Political institutions and blame avoidance in different democratic settings 3Political institutions influence policy strategies and results in several ways.

Institutions contribute to the access of relevant actors to the decision-making process, guide the preferences and opportunities of actors and may even influence the interaction orientation of actors Scharpf, Various forms of government also result in different opportunities for politicians to claim credit and avoid blame for particular outcomes Hinterleitner, ; Nelson, ; Zohlnhöfer, Similar to retrenchment policies, most decisions that include prevention and diminishing of the negative effects of pandemics affect large numbers of the public if not everybody δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί providing short-term benefits.

δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί

Prevention policies cost public money. Additionally, reactions to the pandemic often restrict individual rights and freedoms. In democratic regimes politicians rely on public support and therefore tend to avoid unpopular decisions Weaver, The French unitary majoritarian system puts the president of the state and leader of the majority party at the center of each decision, at least in times where there is no political cohabitation success by the opposition to the President in parliamentary elections 1.

Therefore, it is very difficult for the French President to avoid blame for unpopular and unsuccessful decisions.


Additionally, the French protest culture comes with a tradition of public rejection and partly violent protest against unpopular policies.

These structures produce hurdles to the implementation of policy change Tsebelis, Cooperative δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί players, such as coalition parties, also offer multiple perspectives of policy problems and can thereby contribute to the expansion of the alternatives discussed in the policy process Bandelow, Δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί list of countries that were hit particularly hard by the virus includes federal countries, such as the US, Belgium and Brazil, as well as more centralized countries such as the UK, Sweden and Chile Colfer, ; Huberfeld et al.

Neither the level of democratization nor the general pattern of the distribution of power directly explains variances in the outcomes. These outcomes also varied widely during different phases of the pandemic.

δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί

Therefore, this analysis will focus on the policy process without aiming at evaluating the preliminary outcomes. However, both France and Germany faced a government crisis before spring In France, systemic pension reform and other policy decisions were strongly opposed by the yellow vests, a broad contestation movement born in social media during autumnand by trade unions.

In Germany, all parties in the coalition government that was formed in CDU, CSU, SPD have since lost their party leaders due to election failures, internal conflict and decreasing public support.

Therefore, it is necessary to explore the different δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί of the policy process to identify the conditions for effective COVID policies. First differences may be found by comparing the level of preparedness with respect to the capability of the health system, specific protection equipment, recent pandemic planning, the economic situation, and a legal framework with clear δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί suitable responsibilities.

Preparedness for the Pandemic 8The first reactions towards the pandemic were influenced by several factors. While this paper focuses on patterns of democracies, other conditions have to be taken into account to separate the role of political institutions from other relevant factors explaining pandemic handling.

δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί

Some of these can be summarized as preparedness for the δίαιτα snep λειτουργεί. Preparedness encompasses several aspects, ranging from the health system to economic and societal conditions.

Αναλυτικό πλάνο για σωστή διατροφή σε ηλικία 20, 30 και 40 χρόνων

Particularly during the first months, the failure of health systems in parts of Italy and the US shed light on the lack of supply of relevant medical and protective facilities in some countries.

Comparing the different aspects of preparedness produces a mixed picture for France and Germany.

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France provided only 11 intensive-care beds perinhabitants compared with 35 in Germany Hassenteufel,